Why Choose Us?

Why you choose HOANG GIA Organic rice ?

Rice is grown with safety procedures, no chemicals, no pesticides plant …

Natural flavors, tasty

Natural flavors, tasty…

No plant protection products, no preservatives...

No plant protection products, no preservatives…

White rice

White rice

Reasonable Rates...

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How to cook rice best?

You can cook the good lunch for your family with Hoang Gia Organic rice. Anh below is the way how to cook rice best. Frist, choose the right rice. Second, … Third,… Finally, you cook a wonderful lunch.

Rice farming in Vietnam: Against the grain

Vietnam’s farmers are growing a crop that no longer pays its way.

hoang gia sua1

hoang gia sua


We believe that food is fundamental to the lives of everyone.

And we should choose carefully agricultural products such as how to meet the safety requirements for their own health, family…


We provide the experience and knowledge to guide community practice organic agriculture.

And we towards a sustainable agriculture and strengthen the sense of community in the production and use of food natural organic origin.


Organic farming emphasizes the use of renewable resources to preserve the Land, Water and Environment.

We believe: Agriculture Cleaning ensure a safe food system. We aim to build sustainable circles: Farmers – Business – Consumer.


Respect for nature and uncompromising acts harmful to the environment and consumer health.

We are committed to bring the best quality products, do take satisfaction criteria of enterprise survival.